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Demographic Information
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Public Safety QuestionsPlease choose a number, 1-10 with 10 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree, that best represents your opinion.

I feel safe in my home
I feel safe walking alone in my neighborhood
I feel safe walking with others in my neighborhood
I feel safe in the shopping district after dark
I feel safe in public recreation and playgrounds after dark
I think the following suggestions would enhance my feelings of safety
Community Perception Questions
The police presence in my neighborhood is appropriate for the need
Traffic enforcement in Bartonville meets the need of the community
The Bartonville Police are providing appropriate community education and outreach programs
Bartonville Police officers treat people with respect
Bartonville Police respond to emergency calls in a timely manner
The Bartonville Police Department does its job well
The Bartonville Police Department dispatchers are friendly and courteous
I think the following suggestions could improve citizen's views of the Bartonville Police Department
Comments Section
What I like best about the Bartonville Police Department
What I'd most like to see improved about the Bartonville Police Department

The Bartonville Police Department would like to do a better job serving you and others. Since you recently had contact with us, we are asking for your help. Please take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire regarding your last contact with us. Your feedback will be of great assistance to us in our effort to make continuous improvements in the quality of our service.

1. Based on your most recent contact, please rate the following areas:

Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Poor
Solving of Problem
Putting You at Ease
Professional Conduct
Response Time
Quality of Service

2. What was the nature of your recent contact?

Called the department to report an incident
Was a witness to a crime or incident
Was involved in a motor vehicle accident
Requested information from the department
Was contacted about a problem/disturbance
Was the victim of a crime

3. How many contact have you had with the Bartonville Police Department in the last year?

One Two Three or more

4. Please identify three main police-related problems in your neighborhood:
5. How can we improve the quality of our service in the future?

6. Would you like a follow-up contact:

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7. Please check those that apply to you:

I am: Male Female
Race: Asian Black Hispanic Native American White
Age: Under 17 17-21 22-30 31-45 46-69 60+
Live in Village of Bartonville

Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire.
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