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Complaint Form

The Bartonville Police Department is now making it even easier to file a complaint or report.  You can now do this online by filling out the form below only if your complaint or report fits in one of the categories on the top of the form.  Your information will then be sent to the department for follow up and you will be contacted if you wish.  If you your complaint or report does not fit in any category then please contact the department at (309) 697-2323 or if you would rather not use the form, you may still contact the department directly.  Remember the complaint or report must have taken place in Bartonville. If your complaint is about an officer or employee please click on the Complaint or Commendation tab. 

Type of Complaint/Crime
Tall Grass     Garbage     Nuisance Prop     Driving     Drive Off     Drugs
If Other, Please Explain:
Location of Complaint (Bartonville Addresses Only)
How long has this complaint been occurring?
Exact Time the crime occured (If it is a driving complaint, drive off or drug)
Briefly Describe What Took Place:
If this was a dirve off, driving complaint, or drug complaint, please complete all information you have available:
License Plate
Driver Description
Passenger Description
Gallons Taken
Dollar Amount
Direction of Travel
Did anyone come in the store and purchase anything?

Your First Name
Your Last Name
Home Address
Phone Number
Driver's License #
Driver's License State
Do you wish to be contacted by an officer for follow up? Yes No
Do you wish to remain anonymous and or confidential? Yes No
Anything else you would like to add:

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