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Office of the Chief of Police:

Chief of Police Brian B. Fengel is dedicated to building a safer community to live in, through the delivery of exemplary service with a focus on problem solving. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhoods by building relationships with the community we serve.

The Bartonville Police Department is staffed by (10) full-time police officers,(3) part-time officers, the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police. The Bartonville Police Benevolent Association Local 120 that is affiliated with the Police Benevolent Protective Association of Illinois represents Bartonville Police Officers. The community of Bartonville is located on the southern boundary of the City of Peoria, within minutes of the Peoria Airport, Rt. 24, I-74, and I-474. Population of 6300 people. Bartonville is the home of the Joint Armed Forces Reserve Center occupied by Army and Air National Guard, and also Keystone Steel and Wire Company.

Dispatch Center: E 9-1-1 center staffed by (5) full-time dispatchers. The center is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment with weather information capabilities. The Bartonville Police Communications Center is also the back up for the City of Peoria E 9-1-1 center. Also included in the dispatch center is our records department.

Assistant Chief of Police:

Assistant Chief of Police Tony Segree serves as supervisor of patrol on 2nd and 3rd shifts and assists in administrative duties to the Chief of Police. 


The Detective is assigned to follow up on crimes that happen within the city.

School Resource Officer:

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is the officer assigned to Limestone Community High School. The SRO is specifically trained to perform three roles: teacher, counselor and law enforcement officer.

The School Resource Officer program is a problem-solving approach to reducing crime by assigning a police officer to the school district to establish an ongoing rapport with students, staff, and parents. The basic goals are:

  1. To provide a safe learning environment and help reduce school violence.  
  2. To improve school/law enforcement collaboration.
  3. To improve perceptions and relations between students, staff, and law enforcement officials.

Auxiliary Police:

The Auxiliary Police provide emergency assistance in disaster situations, such as tornados, chemical spills, etc. Members of the Auxiliary Police also assist the police department during special events.
Victim's Advocate:

Is available  24 hours a day with regular office hours during the week from 9-3 p.m.  The Victim Advocate works with clients of all types of crimes to ensure their safety, provide information of the justice process, and help with recovery from a crime.  The Advocate also provides information for the community - social needs for individuals including shelter information, food pantries, and families with needs for the elderly, etc.  The Victim Advocate works very closely with the Center for Prevention of Abuse, Family Justice Center, and other agencies to provide for the needs of the community residents.  For more information please click on the tab named Victim Assistance.

Ordinance Investigator :

The Police Department has a designated Ordinance Investigator that polices the village for various violations that are nuisances to the safety and welfare of our community.
K-9 Officer:

The Police Department has a K-9 officer that is designated for drug enforcement and patrol of the village.Nitro is a one and a half year old Malinos. He was sworn in as an official Police K-9 on August 8, 2013. 

      Officer Nitro

         ILEAS SWAT:

Bartonville has an officer in the ILEAS region six Weapons of Mass Destruction Special Response Team. This brings SWAT, HAZMAT, and WMD training back to our department where it's needed.


Bartonville has on officer on the Central Illinois Emergency Response Team (CIERT)

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