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Our officers perform with a high level of integrity, honesty, loyalty and professionalism, performing their duties while treating people with dignity and respect.  Attention to customer service is always a forefront while remembering our duty to maintain order and public peace. 

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  • Service
  • Integrity
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  • Fair Treatment

Emergency: Dial 9-1-1
Non Emergency: 309-697-2323
Fax: 309-697-9543

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Chief of Police Brian B. Fengel is dedicated to building a safer community to live in, through the delivery of exemplary service with a focus on problem solving.

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Non Emergency Phone: 309-697-2323

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Safe Passages Program

Bartonville Police are proud to announce our partnership with the Gateway Foundation and become the first department in Peoria County to offer and participate in this rehabilitation program.  The program is designed to help combat the onslaught of heroin and opiate abuse as well as other drugs and alcohol.  The statistics show that over the last 10 years' heroin over doses are rising at an alarming rate.  The program is designed to give an addict a chance to come to our department and speak with an officer about getting help for your addiction.  All information is confidential.    If you are a Bartonville Resident and are addicted or know someone that is, please contact us and let us help you.